Nicolas Laoureux
Practical method for Violin. Part II - The Positions
Nuova Edizione

Among the historical methods for the violin cannot be missed Laoureux, result of the teaching activity of the Belgian violinist and composer Nicolas Laoureux (1863-1945). Belonging to the Franco-Belgian school which has profoundly marked the history of the violin, Laoureux, having won in 1886 the first prize in the class of the famous violinist Jenő Hubay at the Bruxelles Conservatory, he dedicated himself to chamber music, but he is remembered especially for his several books on the study of the violin.

The first method was published in 1907 by the publisher G. Schirmer and was immediately recommended by the Bruxelles Conservatory for students. This new edition of the second part of the Practical method for violin, revised, corrected and enlarged by the violinist and conservatory teacher Vincenzo Tedesco tackles the thorny problem of the changes of position, one of the difficulties which can - if poorly set - disrupt the path of the young violinist . The Laoureux method, despite having already exceeded the hundred years after its first publication, still enjoys a great popularity not only in the Italian and European academies, but in those of the entire world.

An essential method, which firstly faces the transition from the first to the third position with short preparatory studies and then concludes the section with studies of greater scope and a duet. Follow other sections: one on the second position; one on the first three and, finally, the fourth and the fifth. The method concludes with a summary of the studies in all the five positions. Actually the method - that Tedesco has revised improving some fingerings and adding some exercises on the study of bow strokes - is enhanced by exercises that address other fundamental issues (the displacement of the fourth finger in third position, the practice of harmonic sounds, the double stops at the octave and in general, and trills).

Carlo Bellora
Rivista Musica No. 263, February 2015

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