Beethoven Rarities

Beethoven Rarities

The series Beethoven Rarities of Inedita offers the most exclusive collection of rare and premiere recordings of Beethoven's works. Among them: the new critical edition of the Piano Concerto in E flat major WoO 4 (vol. 2); the world premiere recording of the Macbeth Overture (vol. 3); the first movement of an unfinished piano concerto in D major of 1815, Hess 15 (vol. 4); the world premiere recording of the piano trio Anhang 3 (vol 5), the Fantasy in D major Biamonti 213 (vol 6), the original Beethoven's revisions to his original piano concertos no. 2 and 4 (vol. 7).

Available catalogue

PI 2326Beethoven Rarities Vol. 2 (CD-DA)
PI 2346Beethoven Rarities Vol. 3 (CD-DA)
PI 2352Beethoven Rarities Vol. 4 (CD-DA)
PI 2356Beethoven Rarities Vol. 5 (CD-DA)
PI 2362Beethoven Rarities Vol. 6 (SACD)
PI 2366Beethoven Rarities Vol. 7 (SACD)

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